Wizorb, Malicious, and Puddle Now on PSN
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Wizorb, Malicious, and Puddle Now on PSN

It’s Tuesday, which means the PlayStation Network has some new additions available for fans of digitally downloadable games. This week, we’re getting some pretty cool offerings, three of which are especially noteworthy if you’re a fan of indie games or a big supporter of downloadable titles.

The first game on tap is Wizorb. Available through PS Minis, this Breakout-inspired game features colorful graphics and light RPG elements. Ah, I can already hear the collective cheers of my fellow retro and indie enthusiasts. Wizorb is priced at a very afforadable $3.99, and it’s playable on the PlayStation 3 and PSP, though it will be compatible with the Vita later on.

Also downloadable on the PlayStation Network is Malicious. Though it’s been available in Japan for some time now, this 3D action game has finally landed on our side of the globe. It’s interesting to note that, much like the classic Mega Man games, Malicious allows players to choose which levels they want to tackle in whatever order they choose. This one will run you $9.99.

The last game I’m compelled to discuss is Puddle, a 2D puzzler that has you manipulating fluid across different levels. The game was already available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, but it’s finally playable on the Vita, which is pretty cool considering players will be able to utilize touchscreen and tilt controls. Puddle sports a $7.99 price tag, but there’s also a demo for it if you’re still not completely sold.

Those are some cool games on tap for PlayStation Network fans today. I’ve had my eye on Wizorb for some time now, so suffice it to say I’ll be spending a measly $3.99 this week for sure.



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