Lollipop Chainsaw Wrapper Locations
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Lollipop Chainsaw Wrapper Locations

Welcome to the full list of Lollipop Chainsaw Wrapper Locations guide. Let us know if anything is missing.

Lollipop #1
Location. To the left of the bus near the second classmate, right after you learn how to slash.

Lollipop #3
Location. Behind the bus to the right when you go through the gate, right after you reach the third classmate.

Lollipop #2
Location. After using Chop2Shop.Zom, go through the alley and jump above to the ledge. Look for the Lollipop Wrapper to the right behind the fence.

Lollipop #4
To the right of the fence near the crashed helicopter.

Lollipop Chainsaw Collectibles – Stage #1

Lollipop #5
Location. Behind the first classmate.

Lollipop #9
Location. When you learn how to use Nick’s head, look for this collectible behind the blue headless body.

Lollipop #6
Location. When a bus attempts to run you over, go past the bus in order to save the classmate hanging off the ledge. Go down the end of the hallway and search the large locker to retrieve this wrapper.

Lollipop #7
Location. Search the room right before the Gym where you play Zombie Basketball. To reach that room, walk down several hallways after bouncing on top of the zombies to blow them up.

You will reach a room that will require you to use chainsaw to open it. The room with lollipop is on the opposite side behind the shelves as you walk into this room.

Lollipop #10
Location. After reaching the classroom and defeating the blue headless body in the corner. Look for this lollipop at front by the blackboard.

Lollipop #8
Location. Look for it in the corner of the room after the cutscene when you come across Juliet’s birthday cake.

Lollipop #11
Location. When you are making your way to Zed, after several QTEs, you will come across an area where you will have to defeat several zombies. After defeating them, go through the gate and down the pole to retrieve this lollipop on your right.

Lollipop Chainsaw Collectibles – Stage 2

Lollipop #12
Location. After going through the bus in chainsaw dash and defeating the zombies that you encounter afterwards, look at your left after jumping up the ramp.

Lollipop #15
Location. After clearing a pathway with your chainsaw, go up the stairs and around a few corners to find this wrapper.

Lollipop #13
Location. When you reach the roof of the building, jump with chainsaw dash and look for the wrapper to your left after the second chainsaw jump.

Lollipop #14
Location. After killing the zombies in the gym, look for the wrapper behind the door to the left after you walk out.

Lollipop #16
Location. On the rooftop, after killing the football player turned zombies, wait for a blue headless zombie to appear, use it and go behind the blocked off ramp to find the wrapper.

Lollipop #17
Location. After you have retrieved the previous wrapper, go over the ramp, straight ahead and look for this wrapper behind the fence.

Lollipop Chainsaw Collectibles – Stage 3

Lollipop #18
Location. After defeating MARK, a headless body will spawn. Look for the lollipop to the right of that body behind a tree.

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Location. After defeating the zombies that attack Juliet’s sister, continue down the road, past the cows and you should spot the next wrapper behind a tree.

Lollipop #23
Location. When you come across a blue headless zombie in this stage, look for the lollipop in the farm accompanying the zombie farmers that you will have to defeat.

Lollipop #20
Location. Keep going until you come across another headless body besides some zombie farmers. Look for a small passageway leading next to headless body leading to a trampoline.

Hop onto that and hit the button as guided; you will be launched intot he air and will land near the wrapper. How convenient!

Lollipop #24
Location. After chainsaw jumping over a large ramp and defeating zombies, look for this wrapper in the right corner as you jump off the ramp.

Lollipop #21
Location. After crossing a small creek with a bunch of rocks at the end of the stage, you will come across fat farmer zombies. Turn from the corner and look for the lollipop behind the tree.

Lollipop Chainsaw Collectibles – Stage 4

Lollipop #25
Location. At the start of the stage, to the right of the arcade machines.

Lollipop # 26
Location. Clear the first room, head up stairs. You will be put in an arcade game and need to collect 8 keys to advance. After collecting all keys, head back and collect the lollipop wrapper.

Lollipop #28
Location. After exiting the arcade game, turn right and look for this lollipop behind pillars.

Lollipop #29
Location. After defeating the zombies with speakers and you will enter the second arcade game. Complete the game and another lollipop will appear to your left behind glass as you exit.

Lollipop #27
Location. On the rooftops, destroy the helicopter and go to the far side of the elevator you came up in and look for the lollipop behind air conditioner.

Lollipop #30
Location. Complete the Gondola game and you will come to top of the building. Use the Vaulting Box to get past the fence and jump as high as you can. To jump higher, press CIRCLE as fast you can to get this wrapper.

Lollipop Chainsaw Collectibles – Stage 5

Lollipop #31
Location. Climb the car and enter into the building. You will see car with exploding barrel next to it. Shoot the barrel and wrapper will spawn.

Lollipop #32
Location. Shoot the floating zombies to defend your sister. After that, you will head into a building to save a classmate that has been surrounded by zombies. Look for this wrapper in the back corner, to the right, behind a car.

Lollipop #33
Location. When a bus crashes into the fence and zombies come out of the bus to attack you. Kill them all and look for this wrapper to the left of the bus door.

Lollipop #34
Location. After collecting the last wrapper, a cut-scene will start, and after that, turn left to retrieve the lollipop from behind the wall.

Lollipop #35
Location. After the elevator falls down, you will come to another construction area and encounter three floating zombies.

Come down from the plywood slide and over to the trampoline in the corner. Tap the buttons and finish the sequence to reach the next lollipop. Restart the checkpoint if you fail.

Lollipop #36
Location. It will fall down when you destroy the platform using your chainsaw by cutting it from all four corners.

Lollipop #37
Location. Slide down a long pole and advance, you will trigger a cutscene and will have to kill several zombies. After that, look for this lollipop at the far right corner of the room.

Lollipop Chainsaw Collectibles – Stage 6

Lollipop #38
Location. You will create two paths at the start of this stage. After creating the second path, jump onto the ramp and continue down the street towards Killbilly.

Jump over the ramps and stay on the right side of the street. Lollipop is on top of the bus, use the ramp to get there.

Lollipop #39
Location. Make your way down to the street as the building collapses. You will reach a road with several eager to kill you. Lollipop will appear in the middle of the road and you can get it after killing the zombies.

Lollipop #40
Location. After leaving the area where you collected the last lollipop wrapper, come back on the street and make your way towards the Killbilly. You will find the last collectible in the center of the road, next to few buses.


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