Dragon Quest X Has Subscription Fees, But Offers 2 Free Hours Per Day
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Dragon Quest X Has Subscription Fees, But Offers 2 Free Hours Per Day

Unlike previous titles in the series, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest X will have a subscription fee for online play, but you can get two free hours of gaming time every day.

In a surprisingly smart move by the developer, the more casual-focused MMO title will host a certain period of time each day called “Kids’ Time”, when online play will be available without fees. According to Siliconera, there’s no need to prove your age either, but Square Enix is scheduling the free play periods for times that children will most likely be out of school:

Kids’ Time is effectively two hours free playtime every single day. On weekdays, users will be able to play Dragon Quest X online for free from 4 PM to 6 PM. On weekends, Kids’ Time will be in effect from 1 PM to 3 PM. While the two free hours of play each day are meant for children, Square Enix aren’t imposing any actual restrictions to prevent older players from making use of them, too, aside from perhaps the timings, which are suited to schoolkids.

Normally, a 30-day subscription costs roughly $12, while a 60-day subscription scales up to $24. Paying the maximum for 90 days tops out at $35.50, although all these amounts are estimated off of Japan’s prices.

Dragon Quest X is currently set to launch for the Nintendo Wii on August 2nd in Japan, with another version planned for the Wii U later on. There’s no North American release date just yet.



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