‎007 Legends Trailer Showcases Moonraker Mission
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‎007 Legends Trailer Showcases Moonraker Mission

A new trailer for 007 Legends has been released, along with a trailer for the latest Bond film, Skyfall.

007 Legends combines six classic Bond films into one game, with Daniel Craig filling the role of the secret agent. The trailer below covers a mission based on Roger Moore’s Moonraker. It also confirms an October 16 release date for the game.

The game seems like a fantastic idea on paper, as the older movies never got a chance to have big budget games made for them. Hopefully Eurocom can pull this off and give us one of the best Bond games in history. You can check out the footage below at the 1:22 mark, after footage for the new Bond film, Skyfall.

Do you like the idea of the older films being used?



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