batman arkham asylum review xbox 360
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batman arkham asylum review xbox 360

Join Wiispace as we take you through the best game of the year (so far) and just how magnificent it really is.

It’s rare that a game comes out that astonishes you. That blows you away in the fashion that Batman: Arkham Asylum does. It’s a dandy of a title that is far from a button masher with a story that rivals Bioshock. It’s the complete package and, in my opinion, will win Game of the Year from some media publication. It is THAT good.
The story takes you on twists and turns that you wouldn’t think possible. It takes you to the depths of Arkham Asylum and to the bowels of the Batcave. By the end of the game you will wondering what have you not covered? While Gotham City is never touched in this game, it’s not needed with the imense map that is provided to you and the enormous size of the buildings themselves. Read more


Contributor: MarkBarley   Posted: Sep 6, 2009 at 5:51am
Gaming Category: Xbox 360
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