Battlefield 3 Premium Is Now Live
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Battlefield 3 Premium Is Now Live

Move over Elite, there’s a new kid on the block.

In one of those “why aren’t we doing this?” moves, DICE and EA have officially confirmed that Battlefield 3 Premium is now live on the PS3 and coming next week to Xbox 360 and PC.

The premium service, whose details were leaked before the official announcement today at E3, will cost you $50 and includes over $75 worth of in-game content, which you also get early, and much more. As someone who has the Call of the Duty Premium Elite service, I like getting the content early and saving some money at the same time, so this should please others who like both of those things too.

The announcement also confirmed that the Close Quarters DLC is now available on the PS3 for Premium members and on June 19th for regular PS3 gamers, and then on June 12th for Premium Xbox 360 and PC members and June 26th for regular Xbox 360 and PC gamers. If you missed it yesterday, you can watch the official trailer for Battlefield 3 Premium and a new trailer for the upcoming expansion pack Close Quarters below.



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