Battlefield 3 Premium Now 800,000 Strong
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Battlefield 3 Premium Now 800,000 Strong

EA’s take on Call of Duty Elite, known as Battlefield 3 Premium, has been attracting a wealth of subscribers. EA Games boss Patrick Soderlund divulged hard numbers to USA Today, revealing that a total of 800,000 players have signed up on the service in the two weeks following launch.

Not too shabby. As revealed during EA’s E3 presser, those who subscribe to BF3 Premium get priority access to all of the game’s DLC map packs, an incentive that kicked off with availability of Close Quarters.  There’s also a bit of cash to be saved, as purchasing all of the forthcoming DLC separately would cost around $75, compared to $50 for a premium subscription.

We can’t really argue with the value proposition – coupled with early access, it’s easy to see why BF3 junkies would buy into this. If you plan on getting all 5 map packs, there’s no reason not to go premium.



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