Black Ops 2 Has Competitive Zombie Modes
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Black Ops 2 Has Competitive Zombie Modes

Treyarch’s Daniel Suarez talked at length about Black Ops 2‘s Zombie Mode in a recent interview, revealing that this year’s entry will contain competitive game modes as well as co-operative.

In the first Black Ops, players could either play alone or with three friends as they tried to fend off waves of zombies. This original mode will return in Black Ops 2, however this time it has been rebuilt from the ground up to include competitive varieties.

One example Suarez mentioned was a zombie survival mode, in which two teams of four players play in a regular zombies game to see who can survive the longest. Zombie Wager matches were also discussed as a possibility, with teams being asked to perform certain tasks during the match, such as the player that kills the most zombies in the round gets the winnings.

Zombie Mode needed a re-work to prevent it from getting stale in Black Ops 2, and it appears that Treyarch has discovered exactly how to do it. The idea of wagers sounds really interesting and should spice up gameplay, especially in the early rounds when zombies are scarce. The only thing that Treyarch has to be careful of is diluting the co-operative experience, if people are focusing on being the best then they are likely to forget to help out teammates.

Do you like the sound of competitive zombies?

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