Borderlands 2 Will Reward You For Playing Borderlands
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Borderlands 2 Will Reward You For Playing Borderlands

Hold on to those save files!

Gearbox Software announced, today, a little bonus to those of you who have played the first Borderlands game, and are going to play Borderlands 2. A “Vault Veteran” skin, and head, will be available for each character for those players who took part in the action of the first game.


Gearbox says, via Facebook, “Borderlands 2 will reward veterans of the first Borderlands with exclusive character customization elements — here’s a look at the character heads and skins that are unlocked when Borderlands 2 detects save data from the original Borderlands!”

So there doesn’t seem to be any special conditions you have to meet, simply play Borderlands and still have your save file. Welcome back to Pandora!



Contributor: TheControllerOnline   Posted: Jul 6, 2012 at 5:12pm
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