Crystal Dynamics – Tomb Raider is Not Like Uncharted
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Crystal Dynamics – Tomb Raider is Not Like Uncharted

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has addressed the similarities being drawn between its game and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.

Speaking in an interview with Square-Enix, studio head Darrell Gallagher admitted that he understands why comparisons are being made, before going on to state the various differences between the two franchises.

“Well, naturally, they’re action-adventure, OK, so there’s going to be some comparison. I don’t think we can get away with that. And there are certain things the Uncharted series has done, which is borrowed heavily from Tomb Raiders [of] old. So, again, there’s gonna be some crossover. That said, I think when we show the game as a whole-when you get to experience it, start to finish-we believe there’s a lot of differences between the two.”

“I guess the comparison I can make is, you can have two summer blockbusters, and they can be big action things, with two different actors and things like tone and mood and story separate the two very differently. So, our tone is very different. Our storyline, our narrative. Our lead character is very different.”

To the average gamer the difference between the titles is minimal, they both have a movie-quality to them, contain strong main characters and feature high-octane action sequences. However, gameplay is the main separator. Tomb Raider is all about survival, there’s hunting mechanics, wild animals and base camps. All things that Uncharted lacks.

“In terms of the gameplay, we have a resourcefulness to Lara, right, that you start seeing in some of the demos we’ve given, which I think is again a different thing to Uncharted. Also, our game structure. I think we have some wider areas. I think our hubs, which we’ve not necessarily shown yet. I think they’re a really big differentiator. Our ability to re-traverse. The ability system on the island. Hunting. The ability to go and take deer and other animals on the island,” Gallagher concluded.

Drawing comparisons is only natural, but writing off Tomb Raider as an Uncharted clone would be a massive error in judgment.


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