Dead Or Alive 5 Will Have Over 20 Characters, You Can’t Customize Them
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Dead Or Alive 5 Will Have Over 20 Characters, You Can’t Customize Them

Some fighting games allow you to mix and match your fighter’s outfit to any ridiculous degree, but Dead or Alive 5 won’t be tolerating any of that foolishness. That’s the official word from Team Ninja project director Yohei Shimbori, who says that each character’s unique personality is more important than funny hats.

Siliconera conducted a great interview with Shimbori, talking about a variety of concerns such as gameplay balance, DLC content, and potential game breakers like “danger zone” traps:

Will there be more Virtua Fighter 5 characters aside from Akira and Sarah?

This is still under wraps, for the moment.

How many characters do you think will be in Dead or Alive 5? There were so many in Dimensions, will it be comparable?

We can’t tell you all of them, but there will be over 20.

It might also be a relief for some of you fighting game fans that Dead or Alive 5 won’t be launching with on-disc DLC content that you have to pay for after the fact. Not only is Team Ninja actively avoiding working it, but if they do decide to have DLC characters, it sounds like they won’t be charging for them.

Based on the franchise’s history, I’d say that whatever the final roster turns out to be, that’s what it’ll say with.

How about DLC characters?

Right now, we’re not thinking about that. It depends closer to the end of development. Just to be clear, we’re not going to have paid downloadable content characters. We don’t want to do that.

Will players be able to customize their characters at all with accessories?

The way we’re treating the Dead or Alive 5 characters is they have a personality like you or me, so we won’t have customizable items. That said, some characters have accessories that fall off like Zack.

From the sound of it, Team Ninja is trying really hard to nail the core game down, and as a result, won’t be supporting the kind of customization you might find in Virtua Fighter 5, either. But, there’s going to be plenty of characters to choose from, and most of them pack at least a few extra pair of pants (or bunny bikinis, if you pre-order or buy the collector’s edition).


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