Deadpool Press Release Isn’t Just Another Lame Press Release
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Deadpool Press Release Isn’t Just Another Lame Press Release

As video game aficionados who are incredibly invested in the medium, we often read press releases sent out by publishers, developers, and PR companies. Whether they’re popping up in our email inbox or being shared across major game news sites, coming across press releases is inevitable. And while there are most certainly a handful of exceptions, a lot of the time, these informative documents are just plain boring.

That’s not the case with Deadpool: The Game, though. Rather than dishing out all the PR mumbo jumbo no one ever cares about, the marketing for Deadpool is actually quite enjoyable. Don’t believe me? Give it a listen for yourself. That’s right, a listen.

It’s kind of cool that Deadpool himself (read: Nolan North) is reading out the press release for gamers stoked about the upcoming game from Activision and High Moon Studios. It certainly beats having to read paragraphs of text just to get about three sentences worth of notable info on the actual game.

Deadpool will be bringing his signature brand of chatty mercenary work when he hits the video game spectrum in 2013. Who else is totally stoked for this?


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