Dungeon Defenders (PSN) Review
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Dungeon Defenders (PSN) Review

Some of you might have played Dungeon Defenders on your iOS or Android device already, but for those of you who haven’t, now is the perfect time to do so. Because while it may not be the best downloadable game you’ll ever play, it definitely is a game that will give you many, many hours of entertainment, and will addict you for days at end.

Dungeon Defenders is basically a tower defense game, but it’s best played online. I know, you’ve heard that several times before, but it’s true here- when you play alone, the game gets boring fast, the gameplay seems dull and the amped difficulty seems more of a con than a pro. When you play online though, locally or otherwise, Dungeon Defenders is a blast. Strategizing with your friends and using your own different abilities to choke your enemies and hold out against the several waves that ...



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