Elder Scrolls Online Xbox version really could happen
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Elder Scrolls Online Xbox version really could happen

Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls Online yesterday, the first title from Zenimax Online Studios, the developer set up specifically to create The Elder Scrolls’ answer to World Of Warcraft. So far the title has only been confirmed for PC and Mac, but a console version also seems likely.

Why? Because the last two Elder Scrolls games sold 16 million copies on console formats, and a fraction of that on PC. MMOs are traditionally better suited to PC and The Elder Scrolls has its roots on the PC, but if any MMO is realistically going to challenge World Of Warcraft’s total domination of the market, it needs to offer something WoW doesn’t – and there’s no console version of WoW.

MMOs are expensive and risky to develop – just look at the problems Star Wars: The Old Republic has been having. If Bethesda has any sense it’ll minimise risk by opening up The Elder Scrolls Online to the widest audience possible, and that includes Xbox 360 owners.

Would you play it on your 360? If so, let Bethesda know!


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Contributor: X360 Magazine   Posted: May 4, 2012 at 5:06am
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