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fable iii review goozernationcom

With each iteration of the Fable franchise, the series takes a decidedly different step in a new direction. Visually, each game has been consistent from the beginning, featuring a style that is not quite cartoonish, but not quite realistic, either. It’s a charming and unique look, where characters always appear to be a bit too small for their bulky outfits, like children playing dress-up in their parents clothes. However, in terms of game design and gameplay, the three Fable games are quite different from one another, as if each one is an evolution of the one before. With the latest in the series, Fable III, Lionhead Studios has addressed past issues, but it has also created new, and confusing, design decisions. Read more


Contributor: retrovertigo   Posted: Nov 4, 2010 at 1:45am
Gaming Category: Xbox 360
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