FIFA 13 Mo-Cap Trailer Highlights Game Engine, New Tech
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FIFA 13 Mo-Cap Trailer Highlights Game Engine, New Tech

When FIFA 13 hits store shelves, it’ll have a variety of new features to back up a sizable list of updates and tweaks to game engine and overall presentation. One such element is the player animation, which will be paired with specific actions, including new moves and player-specific traits.

Jay Demerit and Alain Rochat from the Vancouver Whitecaps broke it down in the short highlight reel, talking about what it’s like to mimic soccer (football) moves in the EA Sports Studio. Demerit notes how they can mimic other player’s habits:

“Well, you just do your normal movements, like the jogging and the running. Now they’re trying to incorporate some the trendy moves, like the back heel, or [Mario Balotelli's] hop forward after he scores.”

According to Rochat, it’s harder to perform the moves that it is to describe them, even with the aid of an in-house soccer (football) pitch for all the various gameplay situations. As FIFA 13 nears completion, though, it’ll look as realistic as possible:

“Today was more about specific situations, like the corner kick, when you have to adjust your set-up and position, or there’s some kind of defensive position. You try to do it as you do on the pitch, but sometimes it’s easier to say it than to do it.”

EA Sports’ is also bringing FIFA 13 to the Wii U, but the preferred version for soccer (football) fans just might be the Xbox 360 version. Using the Kinect peripheral, it supports voice control and audio play calling, even docking you for cursing at the refs.

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