First Details on WWE ’13 Leak
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First Details on WWE ’13 Leak

Through an announcement trailer that probably wasn’t meant to be seen yet, we now know some first details about THQ’s upcoming WWE ’13.

The video centers around CM Punk, as he talks about creating a new future and the coming revolution. The video then switches to the game itself, as we see: CM Punk’s entrance; Punk giving Jericho the GTS; Undertaker giving Mankind a chokeslam; Stone Cold Steve Austin tackling Mankind; Jericho doing a sunset flip to the outside onto Sheamus (who is laying on the announce table); Punk doing his Macho Man-inspired big elbow to Jericho outside the ring; and Mark Henry suplexing Big Show off of the turnbuckle—and, in the process, breaking the ring.

So, at the very least, we know those WWE superstars and legends will be a part of the game. WWE ’13 is scheduled to hit on November 1st.

Below is the trailer—it may or may not end up getting pulled.


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