Free Game Of The Week: Haunt
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Free Game Of The Week: Haunt

Get it while it’s free!

This week on Xbox Live, you can grab Zoe Mode’s Haunt for free as part of the new Kinect Central hub on the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Normally it would cost you 800 MS Points ($9.99), but between today June 26th and July 2nd you can get it for free, which makes it our Free Game of the Week.

I reviewed Haunt when it came out back in January and here is a snippet from my review to give you an overall summary of the game:

In Haunt, you stumble across a Haunted mansion and while exploring, you come crashing through the floor boards, only to find its owner has been trapped inside the paintings on the wall. You’ll need to work to retrieve his four “phantaflasks” to unlock him back into the real world, using his crazy statue machine to do so. You already have the first flask, so you’ll need to travel through three different sections of his mansion to locate the other three, while fighting off ghosts and other possessed objects.

Using Kinect body tracking, you’ll walk and run in the spot to move forward and shine a flashlight with your hands, just like you would with a real flashlight, while you explore the mansion searching for the Phantaflasks. The controls are spot on, which is pretty important for any Kinect game, and Zoe Mode nailed them in Haunt. During combat will you have to duck, dodge, kick and shine the flashlight at enemies, and again it all works very well.

Haunt is definitely aimed towards kids, but parents who enjoy more mature games like the older Resident Evil games and newer games such as Rise of Nightmares will find plenty to like in Haunt and will have a good time playing it with their kids. It’s a spooky adventure through a mansion filled with ghosts, but keeps things rated G with no blood or gore to be found. Haunt is a great game for kids who can handle a little bit of scary content, and for parents who don’t want them to play anything too crazy.

As I said in my review, Haunt would be a great game for kids to play on Halloween, so even if you don’t play it now, you might as well get it while it’s free and save it for their Halloween party.

You can read my full review of Haunt here.


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