games abyss alan wake review
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games abyss alan wake review

Alan Wake may have had an over-long development cycle but it has paid off in a big way. Alan Wake is horror personified, a horrific tapestry woven with the threads of unparalleled fright and the pitch black color of pure evil. This is what the 360 has been screaming for; a genuine horror experience that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled. Read more


Contributor: gamesabyssny   Posted: May 25, 2010 at 3:49am
Gaming Category: Xbox 360

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  • Vic 2.0

    Well, since the original website won’t allow me to comment (for some dumbass reason), I guess this will have to do.

    I disagree 100%, this was one of the BEST product placements ever in a video game!
    They (and/or you?) are just not getting the subtle humor. To me, it was very obvious. First, take note of the fact that they were inarguably wanting to make this game feel a bit like a television series. This is made most evident by the way they ended and began each episode (not to mention the fact that they called them “episodes” to begin with), but also by the cinematics in battle, the independent camera controls that let you see what was behind Wake as he was running forward, the narration, the fact that all the manuscripts had to appear on screen with the author’s voice reading it aloud- erm, I think I made my point there.

    So what would a television series do, naturally, at a moment like this? Why, GO TO A COMMERCIAL BREAK, OF COURSE!

    However, I wouldn’t even agree that this did any noteworthy damage to the tension. Because, arguably, the most “scary” part was over. At this point, all you had to do was get by that chandelier ball thingy and you’re outside with Barry Wheeler, comic relief! I thought it was brilliant. But alas, some are too quick to hunt for flaws, to recognize genius.