Gamescom 2012: Over 275,000 Attendees Descend On Germany
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Gamescom 2012: Over 275,000 Attendees Descend On Germany

Gamescom has always been a crowded gaming convention, often far outstripping its counterparts in other parts of the world. But last year, the overcrowding was so bad, ticket sales had to be capped for Gamescom 2012 in an effort to cut down on excess.

Regardless, every convention pass was sold out, and the convention PR team reports that Cologne, Germany has once again played host to over 275,000 attendees.

Massive crowds also took advantage of the Game Developers Conference Europe (GDC Europe), which is held at roughly the same time in the same city, for everyone’s added convenience.

For some added context, both E3 and the Tokyo Game Show don’t even remotely compare in terms of sheer size. E3 in Los Angeles regularly does far less than 50,000 attendees, while TGS is much more popular, managing to break the 200,000 ceiling by itself.

Contributor:   Posted: Aug 19, 2012 at 2:28pm
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