Ghost Recon Coco – X360’s sexism expert speaks
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Ghost Recon Coco – X360’s sexism expert speaks

Ubisoft has decided to promote the upcoming release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier by recruiting a squad of Z-list celebrities together under the banner of Team Ghost. The latest member of Team Ghost, and her accompanying video, has caused a bit of an upset. And I feel kinda sorry for Coco. At least I would do if she wasn’t clearly capable of looking after herself.

The main complaint is that Coco’s video makes gamers look like boob-obsessed idiots. Now, I’d have to at least agree that Coco seems a little out of place with Ghost Recon’s usually pretty serious tone and yeah, it’s maybe not a great idea on Ubisoft’s part.

But I don’t think the video itself really sheds gamers in that bad of a light – it’s the sexism and hatred underlying many of the complaints that really makes some of us look like socially backward assholes.

I’m looking at an article right now that professes to object to the ‘sexism’ of the video, calling it an insult to female gamers, then immediately ‘backs up’ its claim by pointing out that most comments on GameTrailers regarding the video have been negative and that Coco is ‘absolutely revolting’.

You know, Coco isn’t exactly my type either, but I’m not going to let that ruin a game for me, nor am I going take it out on her by publicly insulting her in the weakest, most pathetic way a man knows how – picking on her perceived level of attractiveness.

If I did that, I’d be a… an effing asshole (sorry, I’m not really allowed to swear much on here).

I’m not gonna link to or name the article in question because it’s not fair to single it out. I browsed those GameTrailers comments. This high horse, hateful attitude is prevalent.


If you really think your view of women is so enlightened, you arrogant, elitist… eff-holes, then watch the video properly. I can tell you were looking at Coco’s tits and ass (as you feigned aloof disgust) when she was shooting those guns, because if you were looking at her face, her hands, her arms and her overall stance when she was doing it, you’d have noticed at least one pretty effing good reason why she’s in Team Ghost…

She can handle real guns an effing eff-ton better than you can, you wussy little shut-in keyboard warrior.

All this “Dat girl dunt know nuttin bout da games” bullshit is pathetic and embarrassing. Open your mind up a little, just an effing little, and you might realise she’s talking about guns and does know what she’s talking about.

Like Ice-T woulda married a girl that couldn’t operate a submachine gun… jeez!

By the way, I’ll retract the Z-list comment if Ice-T himself is the final member of Team Ghost.

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