Grand Theft Auto V Viral Marketing Campaign Begins
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Grand Theft Auto V Viral Marketing Campaign Begins

Take-Two may have failed to offer a release date for Grand Theft Auto V during its earnings call earlier this week, but it does appear to have launched a new viral marketing campaign for the game, in the form of a religious cult.

An update to a Take-Two owned website for the Epsilon Program–a religious cult present in several GTA games–and Twitter account have been launched this week.

“The cult first emerged as a teaser site for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and [was] later referenced numerous times on radio stations and by pedestrians in the game itself. The cult is an obvious scam, intended to gain money by brainwashing its followers into paying large sums of money, parodying the real life Church of Scientology,” according to the GTA Wikia.

The website contains testimonials from members of the cult, and also mentions Kifflom’s–the cult’s main deity–12 tenets. A few of them are below:

  • The world is 157 years old – FACT!
  • Dinosaurs are a lie that people believe because they are weak – FACT!
  • You are happy, you just don’t know it – FACT!
  • We all come from the same tree – FACT!
  • Everyone is related to everyone else, except for people with red hair – FACT!

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