Halo 4 Jetpack Footage Is Awesome
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Halo 4 Jetpack Footage Is Awesome

Jetpacks were first introduced in the Halo series via Halo Reach, and it’s something that has added a lot of depth to the gameplay. So naturally they return in Halo4, and we have the first glimpse of how it actually works in the game.

The video in question came from a closed beta held recently to test the game. We don’t actually know if there will be a public beta for the game, but it may be too late for that now considering Reach beta was held in April 2010.

The gun in question is still a placeholder as 343 Industries, the studio developing the game, hasn’t revealed the proper model yet. But you can see how it works and we are pretty sure the basic concept will be the same. This is an UNSC shotgun, which requires no pointing out to Halo fans of course.

 You can check out the footage below.



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