Lionhead Studios: “Project Milo Began Long Before Kinect”
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Lionhead Studios: “Project Milo Began Long Before Kinect”

Lionhead Studios head honcho Peter Molyneux debuted Project Milo back at E3 2009. Microsoft had just begun getting Kinect off the ground. Interacting with an AI via gestures and voice was new, to say the least.

But that’s not how it began. As creative director Gary Carr revealed:

Project Milo was something in development before we’d even heard of Kinect. It was a controller game. Nobody knows that. What exactly Project Milo was – game or tech demo – was debated for months after that E3 reveal…It wasn’t necessarily a game, it was an experiment. It kind of got a life of its own for a while.

Whatever happened to Milo? Well, it was an idea. But that’s it.

We stopped work on it, because really we needed to start thinking about making some money as a studio.

Considering a lot of the negativity generated by it being “smoke and mirrors”, this might have been a good thing.

Source: Eurogamer

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