Metal Gear Rising: 10 reasons it will be Platinum’s best game
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Metal Gear Rising: 10 reasons it will be Platinum’s best game

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has gone through a lot of problems with Kojima Productions originally taking the reigns of developing the game but failing to do so and hiring Platinum Games instead. The latter is quite successful in creating incredible action games that have been a favourite for a lot of people across the world. Sales-wise both Bayonetta and Vanquish did poorly but this time it’s different with Platinum behind the helm of the prestigious Metal Gear Solid brand.

This guarantees that the game will sell decently, provided it’s marketed well. But there’s a unique quality about it that will ensure that the game will become a massive success. This is a big moment for Platinum, they’ve created a bunch of new IPs and this where they can really prove themselves, and you can rest assured that they will come out with all guns blazing.

Here are 10 reasons why we think it will be Platinum’s best game yet.

1) Metal Gear brand:

Brand power is vital so that more people will give the product a go. If you try a unique thing with a game in the said popular brand, it makes it easy to market it to people rather than as a new IP. With such a good market viability behind them, Platinum can showcase their talents to a lot of people and ultimately build Rising into its own franchise, ensuring more great games in the future.

2) Great Pedigree:


Platinum Games are made up of a lot of talented people who’ve created a lot of critically successful games. When it comes to new IPs, they have delivered a massive critical hit in Bayonetta which most action game fans will know of. Take example, Hideki Kamiya–the man needs no introduction with decades of experience behind him. If anyone can do an action game like this justice, it’s Kamiya.

3) Decent protagonist: 

Let me be honest here, Raiden is not something who is known a great protagonist that can carry a game on his own. However, with Metal Gear Solid: Rising, he can reach a stage where people will genuinely like him due to being the protagonist of a game made by brilliant people. It’s the break Raiden needs and there’s a great chance that Platinum will deliver.


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