Microsoft and Sony Spend Millions Securing New Domains
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Microsoft and Sony Spend Millions Securing New Domains

Microsoft and Sony have collectively spent over $2.5 million to secure some fancy new domain names, as the companies look to move away from a “.com” world.

A new URL system has started rolling out that allows people to replace the “.com” and other specific suffixes with any word they choose. Microsoft has spent a whopping $2.035 million to secure “.xbox,” “.bing,” “.skype,” and “.windows.”

Sony shelled out $555,000 for “.sony” and “.xperia.” If you’re wondering why the price is so high, it’s because the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is asking for a minimum of $185,000 just to place a bid on a URL.

So you may wish to reconsider any plans you had about snapping up domains before the big companies, unless you have a lot of cash lying around.

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