microsoft in 2010 what to expect
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microsoft in 2010 what to expect

Microsoft is off to a great start this year coming off the high sales of Modern Warfare 2 on the platform combined with the amazing sales of the first week of Mass Effect 2. The question is can Microsoft keep this momentum going through the coming months, Final Fantasy XIII looks superior on the PS3 due to the fact that the Xbox version is multiple discs. You got heavy competition in March from God Of War 3, Quantum Theory, continuing Heavy Rain and MAG sales. What could Microsoft have up their sleeves?
Note: None of this is confirmed and should be taken as rumors unless otherwise stated. Also it’s in no particular order. Read more

Anthony DeCicco

Contributor: Anthony DeCicco   Posted: Jan 30, 2010 at 11:17am
Gaming Category: Xbox 360
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