Microsoft Skipping Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom
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Microsoft Skipping Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom

Microsoft has confirmed that it will not be present at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, reports Andriasang. Now, we all know that the Xbox 360 manufacturer isn’t exactly the most popular video game company in Japan. But even that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from appearing at events in the land of the rising sun in the past. Hell, Microsoft actually has a show exclusive to Japan, the most recent iteration of which is set to take place this Sunday in Akihabara.

In addition to skipping the Tokyo Game Show this year, the company also announced that it would not make its rounds at Gamescom in Germany this August, either. Microsoft now joins THQ and Sega, who will also be absent at the major European trade show. It’s a bit strange considering Microsoft is actually doing really well, unlike THQ or Sega.

Despite its absence at the Tokyo Game Show and Gamescom, Microsoft stated that it will hold other promotional events. No word on any of this yet, but we’re sure to get the scoop straight from the Xbox 360 maker. So, anyone hitting up Japan this weekend for the Xbox 360 Appreciation Festival in Akiba: Get Into It Action Game Life! This Summer Go To New Gaming Frontiers event? Yes, that’s really what it’s called.



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