Microsoft Teases Interactive NUads For Xbox 360 Dashboard
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Microsoft Teases Interactive NUads For Xbox 360 Dashboard

As much as we want to get away from advertising on our gaming consoles, the fact remains that all our online services still need money. Hence, ads will continue.

For Microsoft’s Xbox 360, that trend will introduce “NUads”, which the company previewed on their YouTube adversing page a few days ago.

According to the sizzle reel, the Xbox 360 Dashboard’s 30-second TV spots will use Kinect voice commands and motion gestures to let console owners interact with the ads as they air. In the examples shown so far, it lets you vote on the outcome of commercials, or what the ads will actually show you.

It’s an optional feature without the Kinect, so you even if you click on the ads in the main scroller, you can still walk away from them or do something else altogether.

At the very least, it’s a much smarter idea than Sony’s rumored in-game ads seen in a patent file earlier this year, which would actually interrupt your gameplay and force you to watch a clip of something like a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. Honestly, at this point, it’s like I’ve seen this whole film before even stepping into the theater.


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