New Dead Or Alive 5 Trailer Has Some Hot Tag Team Action
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New Dead Or Alive 5 Trailer Has Some Hot Tag Team Action

Even though you might be tempted to just throw together any two fighters in Dead or Alive 5, there’s simply some types that don’t mix well with others. For example, bulky wrestling brawler Bass has no place tag teaming with lithe ninja Kasumi, and you’d never set up nubile Tina Armstrong with stiff, rigid Akira just on a whim.

Luckily, Tecmo Koei is giving you a little taste of which couples look the best together in the game’s 2-on-2 mode, complete with chain moves, special attacks, and flashy finishing poses. It’s pretty hot stuff.

Two characters are also being announced as “confirmed returns” for the game, but many of us already saw Tina in a playable build at E3 2012. Jann Lee is technically the newest reveal, although his inclusion is pretty much a no-brainer since he hasn’t missed a Dead or Alive appearance yet.

There’s still quite a few more fighters to be revealed, so expect the smallish roster to get filled out a bit more before the game releases on September 25th. Perhaps we’ll see another couple of Virtua Fighter characters before then.


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