New Screenshots of Halo 4′s Meltdown Map
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New Screenshots of Halo 4′s Meltdown Map

The folks over at 343 Industries have released a new batch of screenshots for Meltdown, one of Halo 4‘s new multiplayer maps that offers enjoyment for both infantry and vehicles.

“The main objective when creating Meltdown was to design a medium size level that catered to both infantry and light vehicle combat,” Jessica “Bs Angel” Shea writes in the latest edition of the Halo Bulletin. “Early on, several paper maps were drawn in the attempt to find the best possible solution to these goals, and ultimately a figure eight-style took the crown. Though it had several iterations through its design, the figure eight vehicle path and base locations always stayed the same. The largest changes were adding more infantry paths (like the caves) and making simpler base interiors.”

Shea also notes that, initially, there was some difficulty with the Meltdown map in terms of players figuring out what side of the map they had spawned on due to the rotational symmetry. The solution?

“We solved this with the level’s theme: Using the core meltdown of one of the base generators, one side of the level was essentially melting from the heat and the other remained covered in snow and ice. While the original concept took place in a canyon-like environment similar to Beaver Creek, this new theme solved many issues with environment identification.”


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