Next Modern Warfare 3 DLC Dated and Detailed
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Next Modern Warfare 3 DLC Dated and Detailed

Activision has announced the official release date of Modern Warfare 3′s next set of content drops, which include two new multiplayer maps and a Spec Ops mission.

The DLC will be available July 17 for Call of Duty: Elite subscribers, the same day as the free multiplayer map, Terminal, is set to be launched. The first multiplayer map, Decommission, takes place in a mid-sized ship graveyard, while map number two, Offshore, is a close-quarters map set on an oil rig.

The Spec Ops mission, Vertigo, tasks you with dispatching waves of enemy helicopters on a hotel rooftop in Dubai. As usual all this DLC is a timed exclusive to Xbox 360 for at least one month.


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