Only 42% of Mass Effect 3 Players Finished The Game
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Only 42% of Mass Effect 3 Players Finished The Game

During a talk at GDC Europe, BioWare online development director Fernando Melo presented some interesting stats in regards to how many Mass Effect 3 players have finished the game.

Five months after it was launched, Melo noted that only 42% of players have played Mass Effect 3‘s final mission. This is actually down from Mass Effect 2‘s completion rate, which currently sits at 56%.

However, it’s better than a number of other recently BioWare releases. Melo gave a few other examples, such as 40% for the original Mass Effect, 36% for Dragon Age Origins, and 41% for Dragon Age 2.

According to Eurogamer, Melo pointed out that two things were supposed to have helped keep players playing Mass Effect 3 for longer, and hopefully boost that completion rate: The Extended Cut update, and adding online multiplayer to the game. However, as of now, the completion rate for ME3 is still in line with the other chapters of the saga of Commander Shepard.

If you picked up Mass Effect 3, have you finished it yet? Also, what percentage of your games do you end up beating?

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