Penny Arcade RPG Get Free DLC To Swap Genders, Make Gabe & Tycho Furries
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Penny Arcade RPG Get Free DLC To Swap Genders, Make Gabe & Tycho Furries

Today brings a new free DLC release for Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3—DLC that could quite possibly be the most unexpected batch of new content I’ve ever seen.

In addition to bringing with it some bug fixes and balancing improvement, this new DLC offers up a new “Costume Change” feature for the game’s four main characters.

The key, however, is what those new costumes are. The first is a “Gender-Swapped” costume set, which produces results like turning Gabe into Gabbie and Tycho in Tyche.

Ah, but the folks at Zeboyd aren’t done yet! The second costume option is “Furry”—transforming the main cast into anthropomorphic animal alter egos. Tycho becomes a lion, Gabe a pony, Moira an American red fox, and Jim a turtle. These packs change how the in-game character sprites look, character portraits, and the party’s visuals in custcenes.

From the announcement of this DLC that Tycho posted up on the official Penny Arcade site, it sounds as if the ideas for these options were born out of the game’s fan community. A DLC offering like this might seem completely crazy—but it’s also very, very awesome. I love when game developers and creators can have fun like this, and don’t to take things so seriously that they would shoot down any notion of giving players such options.

The new DLC for Rain-Slick 3 is now available for players on Steam, and should be hitting the Xbox Indies version of the game in the near future.

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