Resident Evil 6 Not Skimping On Story, Has 255 Minutes Of Cutscenes
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Resident Evil 6 Not Skimping On Story, Has 255 Minutes Of Cutscenes

How much story in a Resident Evil 6 game is too much? How much is too little? Usually, it depends on the ratio of cutscene content to actual gameplay, with more of the latter being best. Resident Evil 6 is definitely stacking up on the “story” side of the scale, as the game features a whopping four hours of cutscenes.

That’s the official tally, according to the British Board of Film Classification, which rates video games, films, and DVDs on a single rating system.

With video games, the BBFC can require the developer and/or publisher to disclose how much video footage (cutscenes) are in the game, and if they have any content that requires a bump in its rating. Resident Evil being Resident Evil, it’s naturally getting an “18″ rating for its “strong violence” and gory sequences.

RE6 definitely got the most cutscenes out of any Resident Evil title so far, and compared to other video game franchises, it’s still a cinematic doozy regarding the amount of CG footage.

It could always be worse, though. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots had 545 minutes of cutscenes crammed into it—which I’m pretty sure technically makes it more “movie” than “video game”.


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