Rockstar Games Will Not Attend E3 Next Week
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Rockstar Games Will Not Attend E3 Next Week

Rockstar Games isn’t exactly known for being present at E3, and it looks like this year will be no different. Fresh off a hot release with Max Payne 3, the company will once again be sitting out when the massive gaming trade show in Los Angeles takes place. According to sources close to CVG, the publisher and developer revealed that it had “no plans for E3.”

With Grand Theft Auto V and Agent currently in the works, plenty of folks in the industry expected Rockstar to break tradition and actually appear at E3. While there’s still a possibility that these games will be shown off during the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and maybe even Wii U?) press conferences, it’s not the biggest likelihood.

E3 kicks off next week, and there are certain to be some major reveals and showcases. It’s kind of a shame that Rockstar won’t be there once again, though. A lot of folks wanted a major scoop on Grand Theft Auto V and Agent. Looks like we’ll have to wait.



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