Rockstar Launches Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Purgatory, ‘Cheater Pool’
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Rockstar Launches Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Purgatory, ‘Cheater Pool’

Rockstar gets pretty inventive when it comes to dealing with online cheaters. Take Max Payne 3‘s multiplayer, for instance—rather than just banning everyone who uses hacked game files and modded profiles, the developer/publisher is just sticking all you past and present offenders together in a sort of weird purgatory.

It’s called the Cheater Pool, where offending suspects will only be able to play against other hackers and modders. So, it’s kind of like jail, but everyone has God Mode powers.

For you honest Abes, don’t feel like you can’t narc out on new violators. If you suspect anyone else of breaking the rules, you can send a line to with that player’s following info:

 • Platform (PC, PS3 or Xbox 360)
 • Cheater’s Gamertag / ID
 • Description of the violation
 • If possible, please include concrete evidence, such as a video or a screenshot

Or maybe you got banished to the Cheater Pool and don’t deserve to be there? Rockstar says you can plead your case by shooting your Social Club Nickname and Gamertag/PSN ID, along with “a detailed explanation for why you think you might have been placed in the pool,” to that same e-mail.


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