RUMOR: Nuketown Set to Return in Black Ops 2 as a Pre-Order Bonus
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RUMOR: Nuketown Set to Return in Black Ops 2 as a Pre-Order Bonus

A futuristic version of Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ Nuketown multiplayer map is set to make a return in Black Ops 2 as a pre-order bonus, according to recent retail listings.

An IGN reader snapped a photo at Irish retailer Xtravision, which states that the map is known as Nuketown 2025 and will be offered as a pre-order bonus with Black Ops 2. According to the image, the map has been “re-imagined for the future.”

The image also calls this “the biggest incentive in Call of Duty history,” and claims that it will drive pre-orders. The map is obviously an update of Black Ops‘ famous Nuketown map, which the image describes as the game’s most popular map.

However, this isn’t the only sighting of the pre-order bonus, U.K. shoppers have also spotted the offer at GAME stores across the country. It’s unclear if the map will be exclusive to certain retailers or what platforms it will be available on. Quite why Activision would need to drive pre-orders for Call of Duty is beyond me, however if this offer is real then expect Black Ops 2 to break all previous records, because this is definitely worth pre-ordering for.

Activision declined to comment on the offer.

Would this convince you to pre-order?

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