Stefani, No Doubt Set Court Date With Activision Over ‘Band Hero’ Cameo
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Stefani, No Doubt Set Court Date With Activision Over ‘Band Hero’ Cameo

Lawsuits seem to be the name of the game today, as singer Gwen Stefani and band “No Doubt” have finally backed Activision into a court date over the use of their likenesses in Band Hero. Activision will now go to trial on October 15th in the Los Angeles Superior Court, where they’ll have to defend their use of the band’s image, along with licensing/contract issues.

According to No Doubt, their issue is with players being able to use the group’s virtual avatars to perform any song in game.

Considering the vast amount of importable tracks from titles like Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: World Tour, that means you can make Stefani sing anything from Taylor Swift songs to Ted Nugent ballads.

Maybe she has a right to be pissed. After all, it’s probably insulting that her avatar can be used for male voices.

Activision previously filed a counter-suit against No Doubt, claiming that the band wanted their use to be set for specific songs ”only after the Band Hero programming was finalized.” Additionally, the publisher is demanding all the money they paid the group, plus legal fees and damages.

But maybe Activision’s case isn’t as airtight as they think. They did try to have the lawsuit thrown out of court, citing First Amendment rights, only to be rebuffed by Los Angeles County judge Kenji Machida.

Contributor:   Posted: Aug 6, 2012 at 2:32pm
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