Street Fighter X Tekken Review
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Street Fighter X Tekken Review

Some may grumble about yet another beat ‘em up being released but for the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom has decided to throw one hell of a party with the launch of one of the most-anticipated crossover games EVER. Street Fighter X (pronounced “cross”) Tekken is here.

Kick, punch, it's all in the mind

We know many of you won’t really care about the plot… you just want to dive straight in and crack some skulls, right? Nevertheless, there is a story packed in there, which revolves around the appearance of a strange object after a meteorite crashes to Earth. The projectile, Pandora’s Box, turns out to be all kinds of powerful and everyone wants a piece of it.

The latest game sees the Tekken characters transferred to the 2D world dominated by the Street Fighter games since 1987. Some of the biggest and baddest combatants from each franchise ...


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