“The industry is putting a lot of faith into digital distribution and XBLA” – Remedy Dev
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“The industry is putting a lot of faith into digital distribution and XBLA” – Remedy Dev

XBLA, still the most comprehensive service out there

Coming under increased pressure and competition from rival services, Xbox Live has proved it still has the ability to surprise and enthral.

With XBLA pushing an innovative range of new games, and a host of new music, video and TV services, there has never been a better time to get online.

With so much focus on iPad, iPhone and Android devices providing players with new ways of gaming, we’ve seen a cultural shift in the sorts of titles that Microsoft is able to emphasis over Live as wells as a huge investment in video content.

“I think it’s really cool that the industry is now putting a lot of faith into digital distribution and XBLA in particular,” explains Aki “AJ” Järvilehto, VP at Remedy. “Being able to create triple-A quality experiences that are really built for digital is pretty awesome and for us as developers it opens up a new world of possibilities.”

No other service provides as many ways of watching TV and films, along with masses of quality games ranging from full on triple-A titles all the way through to indie games, and everything in between.

As we look ahead to the next gen and the evolution of Xbox Live, here are the top 5 reasons you should be excited about Live, and XBLA, in the here and now:

5. Minecraft
With new updates adding enhancements all the time, Minecraft on the 360 brings the world-building sim to life. Create anything you can imagine and invite your friends to share in the fun.

4. SmartGlass
SmartGlass will not only provide developers with new ways of enhancing their games, but it’ll give users an entirely new way of using and tinkering with Live. Forget using Kinect or your controller, SmartGlass is the future.

3. Internet Explorer
With the precision control of SmartGlass (or even Kinect, if that’s what you want) making it a breeze to control, Internet Explorer will finally bring the magic of the internet to your Xbox 360.

2. Xbox Music
If you thought Last.fm provided you with enough music choice then you’re about to have your mind blown when Xbox Music finally kicks off. A huge library of music delivered straight to your Xbox.

1. The games
That’s what it’s ultimately about for most of us and with Deadlight, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Hybrid and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD all arriving in the near future, XBLA still offers the best in digital retail. And that’s just for now, there’s tons more on the way.

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