THQ’s New President Isn’t Fond of the Humor in Saints Row: The Third
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THQ’s New President Isn’t Fond of the Humor in Saints Row: The Third

Remember how hilarious Saints Row: The Third was? Remember how much fun it was beating people up using a giant purple dildo? Or what about that downloadable gun that shot fish guts at enemies, only for a huge shark to pop out of the ground and eat them alive? The game was delightfully crass, joyfully pervy, and insanely fun.

Unfortunately, Jason Rubin, THQ’s brand new president, isn’t very fond of the humor in Saints Row: The Third. While he pointed out that he was aware of the game’s success and the hard work that was put into it by developer Volition, Rubin stated that he felt the comedic tone and content of Saints Row: The Third was “embarrassing.”

“Why couldn’t that be a Red Dead Redemption or a Skyrim?” the THQ boss told The Verge. “I look at that title and I say, ‘Who cares what it is and why it got to be what it is? From that team we can make something that isn’t embarrassing.”

While I understand that Rubin is in charge of THQ as it attempts to come back after its recent financial fiasco, I completely disagree with his views on Saints Row: The Third. The series has truly crafted a personality of its own that helps it stand out as something more than just another Grand Theft Auto wannabe.

Personally, I really hope Saints Row retains its brand of humor moving forward. I would hate to see it lose all of its personality and all of the elements that made it so unique.



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