Warren Spector Would Like the First Epic Mickey to Go HD
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Warren Spector Would Like the First Epic Mickey to Go HD

Warren Spector, like so many of us, is the type of man who likes to dream big. He’s an ambitious man with some cool ideas, and he has hopes and desires for the video game industry. His latest wish is to have the first Epic Mickey get the HD treatment.

When that game launched on the Wii, it received its fair share of both positive and negative reactions amongst players. After seeing what the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can do while working on Epic Mickey 2, Spector says he would like an HD version of Epic Mickey to land on those consoles. “It’s been about four or five days since I’ve asked to get that project greenlit,” said Spector in a statement to Joystiq. “It’s not my call to make. I can’t even tell you how much I want to see the first game with all the enhancements and improvements we’ve made on Xbox 360 and PS3.”

Interesting stuff, wouldn’t you say? I highly doubt the first Epic Mickey will be jazzed up with HD visuals, primarily because I’m certain the dev team is focusing all of its efforts on the upcoming sequel. That said, it would be kind of cool if it happened.

Also, Spector wants to make a game about ducks, which I think he should totally do. Because ducks are awesome.



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