Weird Details Discovered in Bungie-Activision ‘Destiny’ Contract
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Weird Details Discovered in Bungie-Activision ‘Destiny’ Contract

Earlier this week, details of Bungie’s new shooter leaked via a 27 page contract between the developer and Activision. Now more bizarre details have been discovered in the contract.

The contract revealed that a series of action-shooter titles, codenamed Destiny, will be Bungie’s next project – this includes four games and four expansion packs (codenamed Comet) covering eight years. Develop has taken a  close look at the contract and made some interesting discoveries.

Bungie has agreed to create a game that fits perfectly into a ‘Teen’ rating and the developer is locked into working exclusively on Destiny-based shooters until at least 2018. Valve, Gearbox and Epic have been “banned from developing any Destiny or Comet conversions or adaptations.”

The developer will also have to wait until 2022, before being ”given the rights to publish Destiny projects for itself, or with a publisher other than Activision,” even after this date Activision still has first dibs at publication. An odd stipulation in the contract states that ”before commercial release of all games in the contract, Bungie must provide Activision with all Easter eggs it has spliced into the game. Activision, following certification process, must provide Bungie with the same list.”

Activision is also giving Bungie ”1000 Destiny games after its release to keep, play, share and promote the game.”

Some seriously odd stipulations have been written into this contact, but that’s business, Activision obviously has a reason for writing them all in. The publisher definitely has high hopes for the Destiny franchise, considering that it’s ordered four games spanning the next eight years, with Bungie at the helm we’re expecting big things. We’re expecting the project to be something completely different than Halo as Bungie wouldn’t want to step on the toes of their baby or it’s new parents – 343 Industries.

What do you make of the agreement? What sort of world will Bungie create? Share your thoughts and ideas below.

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